Curious People Projects plans, designs and builds presences online.


Digital Brand Strategy

We help define brands and propositions across digital channels, both owned and third-party, to create strategies that present cohesively to audiences.

Technology Strategy

We engage with clients to help define the technological pathway in a platform-agnostic way, evaluating and shaping the technology around the needs - not vice-versa.

User Experience Design

Our UX Design process is rooted in a strong rationale, bringing together the strategic aim of project stakeholders with the real-life scenario of our audience.

Digital Design

Digital and User Interface design is rooted in purpose, using grouping of information, visual and typographic hierarchies to guide and inform the user effortlessly.

Identity Development

We help brands define their character and identity cohesively across multiple platforms.

Content Management

We work with headless CMS systems, Elasticsearch, React-JS front-ends and API integrations as well as WordPress to deliver highly performing platforms for content.


We develop E-commerce applications, using Magento, Shopify and other platforms, as well as custom-built interfaces for editorialised and CMS-driven shopping experiences.

Who we work with

Selfish Mother
Save the Children
Article Ten
Stoli Group
Jamie Jones
Paradise Live
Hot Creations
FM artists
The Geopligical Society

Let's Talk

Thanks for taking the time to contact us. Please send us some information on your project so we can determine how best to help you.